Tourmament rules

1. Format: The tournament will be played by the Swiss System based on valuation (Dutch) in a single group.

2. Playground: The playground will be the Llinars del Vallès Auditorium (Ronda Sant Antoni 19) at the Llinars exit towards Sant Celoni, near the Mercadona roundabout.

3. Game days: On 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 June, and on 1, 2 and 3 July 2021. The games will start in the afternoon at at 4:30 p.m.

4. Time control: 90 minutes per player plus an addittional 30 seconds per move.

5. Approval: The tournament will be valid for ELO FIDE and FCE. The tournament participates in the Catalan Circuit of International Open as a Candidate Tournament.

6. Ranking: The initial ranking of the group will be ordered first by ELO FIDE and if not by Catalan ELO, according to the evaluation lists published on June 1, 2021. The pairings will be made helped by the Swiss Manager software.

7. Arrivals: The players shall arrive at least 60 minutes before the scheduled start of the round, otherwise the player will lose the game.

8. Registration fees:

          - General fee: € 49, and € 55 from 18 June.

          - Under 16 years old fee: € 44, and € 49 from 18 June.

          - Fee for people with disabilities (recognized by the FCE): € 38, and € 45 from 18 June.

          - Players invited by the organization are exempt from the registration fee.

          - 5€ discount for Llinars Chess Club players.

The payment shall be done in advance by depositing it in the Banco de Sabadell account ES60 0081 1844 3500 0107 9815, indicating the name, surname and club. Registrations will not be approved until payment has been made. Payment can also be made thought the Banco de Sabadell’s ATM, with any card, by selecting the option: PAYMENT TO THIRD PARTIES and Entity code 003885.

Due to the limited number of participants and following the recommendations of the International Circuit (http://www.escacscircuit.cat) cash payments will not be accepted.

The organization reserves the right to reject or cancel a registration.

Players will be eliminated from the Open if they don’t attend the first round or two consecutive or alternating rounds, without justifying or notifying the Tournament Management before the corresponding match has been made.

It will not be possible to ask not to be paired more than 3 times. Byes must be requested in writing, and no later than the day before the round, until 20:00, otherwise they will not be discounted

The match will be published at the end of the round, and from 21:00 hours.

9. Registration forms:

          A. By WhatsApp on mobile (+34) 644 722 997.

          B. Using the registration form on our website www.escacsllinars.cat

          C. By email to: Aquesta adreça de correu-e està protegida dels robots de spam.Necessites Javascript habilitat per veure-la.

Deadline for registration: Wednesday, June 23 at 8:00 p.m. (Entries received after this date, if accepted, will be for entry into the second – or later - rounds of the championship).

According to health measures for COVID-19, registration will be limited to 170 participants. If the limit is exceeded, a waiting list will be created. Any payment made without having access to the championship, will be refunded.

10. Daily prize:

There will be a daily prize of a Local Products Gift (LPG), which will be given every day to the winning player on the boards no. 30 and 50. In the case of tables, the prize will be won by the player who wears the black pieces. The prize will be awarded at the end of your game.

11. Prizes:

ELO FIDE will be taken into account to award the prizes per section. The following prizes are established:

          AWARDS: 1

          1st place 800 € + trophy + LPG + invitation 2022

          2nd place 500 € + trophy + LPG + invitation 2022

          3rd place 300 € + trophy + LPG + invitation 2022

          4th place 200 € + LPG

          5th place from € 150 + LPG

          6th place 125 € + LPG

          7th place from € 110 + LPG

          8th place 100 € + LPG

          9th place from € 90 + LPG

          10th place from € 80 + LPG

          1st Section 2150-2250  70 € + LPG

          1st Section 2050-2149  65 € + LPG

          1st Tram 1950-2049      60 € + LPG

          1st Section 1800-1949  55 € + LPG

          1st Section 1650-1799  55 € + LPG

          1st Section 1500-1649  55 € + LPG

          1st Section up to 1499  55 € + LPG

          1st female +1900  60 € + LPG + invitation 2022

          2a female +1900  55 €

          1a female up to 1899   49 €

          2a female up to 1899   45 €

          Best veteran (+65)       49 € + LPG

          1st under-18 (includes under 16)  49€ + LPG

          1st under-14 (or lower)   49 € + LPG

                                                                                                                               (LPG: Local Products Gift)

        Veterans: Athletes who have turned sixty-five (65) years prior to January 1 of the current year.

 Under 18 (includes U16): Athletes under the age of eighteen (18) and over the age of fourteen before January 1 of the current year.

Under 14: Athletes who have not turned fourteen (14) years of age before January 1 of the current year.


1 On prizes that exceed € 300, the 19% personal income tax withholding required by current legislation will be applied.


12. Prize Giving:

The awards will take place once the last round has ended, on July 3; and will follow the order indicated in these rules. Individual prizes are not cumulative and will also be awarded at this event. Players who are eligible for more than one prize will receive the highest economic value.

The age prizes will be awarded to the age group to which each participant belongs, according to the criteria of the FCdE, and will not be eligible for higher age groups.

13. Tie-breakers.

Used systems (See Annex):

          a) Buchholz Court 1.

          b) Buchholz median 1.

          c) Total Buchholz.

          d) Higher number of victories

          e) Average ELO of rivals (taking out the best and the worst)

          f) Draw.

14. Principals and Arbitrators.-

          Tournament’s Director :Mr. Jaume Gayoso.

          Deputy Director: Ms. Ana Bonals.

          Arbitrators team will be led by Mr. Carlos Giménez (main arbitrator).

15. Appeals:

All protests must be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee not more than one hour after the end of the round. The Appeals Committee, will be made up of the tournament director and two

chosen players. during the first round between the participants. Their decisions shall be final.

Players will have at their disposal the official FCE claim forms.

16. Use of mobile phones: In accordance with the FIDE Chess laws, players are not permitted to use into the playing area telephone, technical and other communication devices. If a player is shown to be connected or using an electronic communication device, he will automatically lose the game. The referee may penalise device’s noises and sounds with penalties ranging from a warning to the loss of the game, depending on the circumstances.

17. Image rights: Participating players shall release image rights to the Llinars Chess Club who will be able to use the images taken in the playing area, both on its website and on other regular communication channels that are linked to the sporting activity carried out.

18. Regulations: Any point not provided for in these rules will be resolved by applying the regulations of the FcdE, and FIDE for open tournaments. In case of discrepancy between the translations, the Catalan version of these rules will be applied. Participation in the tournament implies full acceptance of these rules.

19. Official website: www.escacsllinars.cat



Buchholz Cut 1: Consists of the sum of the points of all the player's opponents except the one with the lowest score.

Buchholz Total: Consists of the sum of the points of all the opponents of the player.

Buchholz Median 1: Consists of the sum of the points of all the player's opponents except the one with the lowest and highest score.

Highest number of victories: Sum of games won (games not played will not be taken into account)

Opponents 'average ELO with the best and worst: This is the sum of the ratings of the players' rivals (ELO FIDE), divided by the number of games played, excluding the opponents with the highest and lowest ELO FIDE. In the event that a rival does not have ELO FIDE, the player's ELO FIDE with the lowest rating will be used.

FIDE adjustment in the Buchholz: The FIDE adjustment in the Buchholz will be applied, for the games not played, as if it had been played against a virtual opponent (FIDE Handbook, C05 Annex 3):

          - The points that this virtual opponent will have will be: The points that he had at the     beginning of the round, plus the result of the round treated as a normal result (that is, that a    defeat by non-appearance is a victory for the virtual opponent and vice versa ), plus half a point for the remaining rounds to the end.

          - For their rivals, the unplayed game will count as tables.


Participants will be required to complete the GoogleDocs Certificate of Self-Responsibility. Using a QR code, it does not need to be printed and we will receive them automatically.

It will be mandatory to wear a well-worn mask throughout the venue, both in the game room and in linked outdoor areas. The organization will provide a surgical mask at the beginning of each day.

It will be mandatory to wash your hands with hydroalcoholic ice that will facilitate the organization both at the entrance of each round and at the entrance and exit of the game room.

It will only be possible to enter or consume a drink or food in the games room. If the regulations allow it, we will have a bar service.

Only players, referees and organizing staff will be able to access the playing field.

In the event of a postponement of the tournament, for health reasons, players may choose to request a refund of the registration fees paid, or keep them for the new date with priority registration.

[1] These measures could change, depending on the health evolution and the guidelines and regulations available to the health authorities at the specific time of the competition.




[1] On prizes that exceed € 300, the 19% personal income tax withholding required by current legislation will be applied.

[2] These measures could change, depending on the health evolution and the guidelines and regulations available to the health authorities at the specific time of the competition.